How much do you charge?

£40 an hour at my home. If travelling to a student’s home, the travel time is factored into the overall rate.

Where are you based?

Have a look at the Contact page.

When are you available for teaching?

Generally, 10am - 6pm on weekdays. I don’t teach at weekends or at times of the day when it would wind the neighbours up…

Can I borrow a saxophone/clarinet/flute from you?

No, you need your own one because you’ll need to practice it at home. You can buy or rent saxophones and clarinets from Howarth’s, near Baker Street station, and flutes from All Flutes Plus, near Warren Street station.

Do you teach all ages?


Are you CRB/DBS checked?

Yes, and it is registered with the online update service.

Do you teach soprano, alto, tenor or baritone saxophone?

I teach all of the saxophones - I regularly perform on soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones and am very happy to teach any of them.