Professional-quality saxophone, clarinet or flute recording, without studio or engineering fees…

George regularly supplies composers, producers and artists with bespoke audio samples for use on their tracks via the internet.

How does it work?

Just get in touch, discuss what needs to be done and send your tracks over. After doing the recording at his home studio in North London, George will send you the new tracks in your desired file format (sometimes within an hour of first contact, but usually within a couple of days). Click here for recording rates and a more detailed explanation of the process.

The Studio

George records everything from his home studio in North London which has been treated using the American studio acoustics company Primacoustic, with additional advice from Auralex.

The Gear

  • Microphones: Neumann U87 copy, Coles 4038 ribbon

  • Interface: Universal Audio Apollo

  • Preamps: Universal Audio plugins (Neve 1073, UA 610-A, UA 610-B)

  • Cables: Neutrik Van Damme

  • Room treatment: Primacoustic

The Instruments

Over the years, George has built up a collection of vintage and modern instruments and can produce all styles of playing commonly associated with those instruments.

  • Saxophones: Alto (1948 Selmer Super Balanced Action and modern Yamaha), Tenor (1967 Selmer Mark VI and modern Yamaha), Soprano (Yanagisawa), Baritone (Yanagisawa)

  • Clarinets: Bb (Buffet RC), Bass (Buffet Prestige)

  • Flutes: C (Sankyo/Yamaha), Piccolo (Yamaha), Alto (Pearl)

  • Thanks to London’s pool of world-class musicians, George can provide full horn section recordings remotely too. Click here for more info